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SteriCleen Neutral Detergent
Neutral Medical Instrument & Equipment Cleaner
  • Concentrated blend with neutral pH– safe for use on most instruments and devices
  • Biodegradable surfactant system with recyclable packaging
  • Contains no ammonia or phosphates
  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive, low foaming, free rinsing
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors for the prevention of corrosion of medical instruments during the cleaning process.
  • Can be used in Ultrasonic & Manual cleaning of instruments prior to disinfecting or sterilisation procedures.
  • Complies with AS/NZS4187 and AS/NZS4815


SteriCleen Neutral Detergent is a highly active neutral medical device detergent specifically designed for the removal of hospital and surgical soils via both machine and manual cleaning operations. SteriCleen Neutral Detergent is a concentrated formula which is low-foaming, non-staining and effective in both hard and soft water.

Intended Usage

• Use as a dedicated cleaner in conjunction with Ultrasonic cleaning machines.

• Manual cleaning of Medical and Dental instruments prior to the disinfection or sterilisation process

• Manual cleaning of theatre floors, tables, benches as well as laboratory glassware

• Manual cleaning of large and small equipment

Directions for Use

1. Manufacturer’s instructions should be strictly followed as advised by the instrument provide.

2. Prepare a fresh ready to use solution daily.

3. Dilution prior to use:
• Heavy soiling: Dilute 10ml per Litre of water
• Medium to light soiling: Dilute 5ml per litre of water

Discard diluted solutions within 24 hours of preparation

Note: Instrument cleaners are not disinfectants, and all instruments should be cleaned, rinsed and drained before immersion in an instrument grade DISINFECTANT, or prior to autoclaving.

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