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Metal Brightener & Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Restores the orginal lustre back into the metal
  • Quick acting
  • Very effective in removing road grime and dust


Meta-Brite is a fast acting metal surface cleaner. It will restore old aluminium surfaces by removing oxidation caused by age, weathering and neglect. Meta-Brite is also very effective in removing road grime and dust. It can be used on road transport vehicles, bull bars, steps and trays, intercoolers and radiators. Perfect for giving new life to aluminium boats and trailers. Meta-Brite leaves a matt clean surface finish. Suitable for pre-weld aluminium surface preparation and post-weld surface cleaning.

Directions for use

Regular Wash: Use Meta-Brite mixed with 1 part up to 7 parts water. In some cases, the dilution rate can be increased.

Ordering Info

1301/30 1 litres  
1301/42 5 litres  
 1301/51 20 litres
1301/64 200 litres