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Silver Zinc Guard
Liquid Cold Galvanising
  • 2-in-1 protect and match in one easy step
  • 98% zinc purity
  • Ready to use aerosol with no additional mixing or additives required
  • Superior adhesion properties, allowing for long term protection


The Silver Zinc Guard is a fast-drying, high solid, and its epoxy zinc rich coating is designed to protect steel against corrosion and at the same time impart a silver appearance to the overall finish. The Silver Zinc Guard imparts corrosion resistance via inhibition, (presence of epoxy binder and metallic pigment) and sacrificial protection (via zinc dust).

The Silver Zinc Guard is ideal to touch up and hide welded joints on metal structures and is suitable on all types of ferrous (mild and heavy gauge steel) substrates.

Direction for use

Refer to Technical Data Sheet for detailed instructions.

Spray Application

  • Shake the can thoroughly for 2 minutes to ensure an even distribution of components
  • Ensure the ball is rattling freely
  • Shake occasionally during use
  • Hold the can approximately 30cm from the surface
  • Depress the valve head and spray with smooth even strokes, horizontally then vertically. Apply several light coats rather than one heavy coat

Ordering info

1481/400/BAB 400gram aerosol 12 units
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