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Magnetic Strip Card Type 2000
Magnetic particle inspection materials
  • The Circle Systems Type A High Coercivity Card has a coercivity of 3600 oersteds
  • Consists of magnetic material in a binder system that is coated onto a backing material
  • Curie temperatures range from range from 250°F and higher


The Type 2000 Magnetic Stripe Card is used for instantly evaluating the performance of the fluorescent wet-method bath. This card can be used to quantitatively evaluate the performance of the fluorescent materials by displaying the number of indications that can be observed after the material has been applied to the stripe.


The magnetic stripe of the 2000 MSC contains two encoded tracks. The upper track is labelled from 0 to 10 (X) when read from left to right. The lower track is a mirror image of the upper track and is labelled from 10 (X) to 0 when read from left to right.

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EQPT-2800 Each
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