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In Use Testing

Callington Haven can provide testing services for all NDT products, see below.

Schedule of In-Use Penetrant Materials Testing

  MIL-STD-6866 ASTM-E-1417
  Paragraph Frequency Paragraph Frequency
Fluorescent Brightness quarterly quarterly
Water Content (Method A only) monthly monthly
Removability (Method A only)* monthly monthly
Sensitivity* monthly weekly
Viscosity   optional   optional
Water Tolerance   optional   optional
Contamination/Separation*   optional optional
Removability (Method B&D)* weekly monthly
Water Content (Method B) monthly monthly
Magnetic Particle Bath - ASTM E-1444        
Viscosity     5.8.3 monthly
Background Fluorescence monthly

* Removability, Sensitivity, and Separation are often tested locally by the user.