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Biodegradable Non-Hazardous Aircraft Cleaning Solvent
  • Biodegradable solvent produced from all natural distillates
  • Replacement for mineral spirits, thinners & other solvents
  • Will clean oily and soiled surfaces including wing leading, trailing edges, hydraulic pipes, landing gear and wheel wells
  • Used to clean surfaces before painting and sealing


Developed for use in the aerospace industry, Actasol is a low volatility substitute for Methyl Ethyl Ketone (M.E.K.), 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, Toluene and blends of M.E.K. and Toluene. Actasol is made especially for surface preparation, general solvent cleaning and removal of corrosion preventative coatings. It is literally a biodegradable solvent replacement for mineral spirits, thinners, and chlorinated solvents.

Directions for Use

Actasol is applied by brush, rag or scotch brite pad and agitated on the surface to be cleaned.


• D6-17487

Physical Properties

Appearance: Water White Liquid
Flashpoint (oC) PMCC: 51
Specific Gravity (20oC): 0.84
Solubility: Not water soluble
Volatility: 100%
Toxicity: Non-Toxic

Ordering Info

5350/30 1L Global
5350/42 5L Global
5350/51 20L Global
5350/64 200L Global