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Kilblat / Kilblat HFO
Insecticide Aerosol for Cockroach and Crawling Insects
  • Does not stain aircraft cabin surfaces
  • Non-flammable formulation
  • Slow release of active ingredients for a residual effect
  • Kilblat HFO available for EU region using alternative propellant (1234ze)


Kilblat is a non-flammable aircraft approved insecticide used during line maintenance to eliminate cockroaches and other crawling insects on board. Kilblat is particularly suitable for treating aircraft (holds, galleys), kitchens, bars, cupboards and all exposed areas.

Directions for Use

See Technical Data Sheet for further instructions.


• AMS 1450
• Boeing D6-7127
• Airbus CML

Ordering Info

AR0000317 400 ml 12 units Outside EU and USA
AR0006572 250 ml Aerosol HFO 12 units EU