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SaniPure 6000
Chlorinated Solution for Disinfection of Drinking Water
  • Water chlorination product
  • Used for treating tanker supplying water to the aircraft and water in the aircraft water system
  • Active substance Chloramine T recommended by WHO
  • Sanipure 6000: Active substance - Chloramine T


SaniPure 6000 is a readily soluble powder that is used for water chlorination. SaniPure 6000 is used for treating the airport water supply to prevent possible contamination during the transfer of water to the aircraft and in the aircraft water system.

Directions for Use

Mobile water tankers disinfection:
At weekly intervals water tankers must be disinfected:
• The procedure consists of filling the tanker with water adding SaniPure 6000 at the rate of 0.17g per litre (equivalent to 17g for 100 litres to obtain 40 ppm of free chlorine / 65g for 100 US gallons).
• After deep mixing, allow to stand for at least 30 minutes.
Discharge the contents completely from the tanker prior to refilling with the drinking water, treated as per below.

Drinking water disinfection:
• SaniPure 6000 is added to water tankers at the rate of 17mg per litre (equivalent to 1.7g for 100L / 6.5g per 100 US gallons).
• Thoroughly mix to ensure SaniPure 6000 is completely dissolved.
• Allow to stand at least 30 minutes prior to loading into the aircraft water system.
Note: To ensure that water will have no taste, do not use the product at higher dosage than the one indicated in this TDS.


WHO recommended chloramine T for drinking-water disinfection.

Ordering Info

SaniPure 6000 AR0006583  20 8 Global
SaniPure 6000  AR0006583  n/a 24 x 100g units/ctn   Global

Note : 100g box packaging discontinued from September 2023