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Ki-ose 380
Disinfectant Wipe for Hands & Surfaces
  • Ready to use individual sachets
  • Non-flammable water-based solution for fast hand sanitising and disinfection of small surfaces and equipment
  • Dermatologically tested – safe to use on skin
  • 150 x 220 mm saturated paper wipe


Ki-ose 380 Single Wipe is a uniquely convenient and economical dual use disinfectant wipe for sanitising hands and disinfecting surfaces. Dermatologically tested and efficient disinfectant, Ki-ose 380 Single Wipe has been tested under European norms for efficacy on bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Impregnated with water-based and non-flammable formulation, it can be used on many surfaces, including surfaces in contact with food. Ki-ose 380 Single Wipe can be personalised upon request (colour, company logo, label.)

Directions for Use

Rub hands with the wipe for at least 30 seconds. External use on healthy skin only. Reclose pack after use

Rub the wipe on surfaces to be cleaned and disinfected. Do not rinse. Reclose pack after use. Do not rinse afterwards.

Certifications & Approvals

• AMS 1453 – BSS7434
• Airbus CML 14-012
• Approved by DGA (Directorate General of Armaments)
• Authorized for food contact in accordance with the French decree dated 8th September 1999 concerning the cleaning products for equipment’s that may come into contact with foodstuffs
• Product type 1, 2 & 4 – As part of EU Biocidal Products Regulation N°528/2012

Ordering Info

1000 X wipes per carton