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Synthetic Tube Rolling Fluid
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection on steel
  • Resistance to staining and white corrosion on galvanised tube surfaces
  • Outstanding detergency, enhancing mill and tube cleanliness
  • High lubricity, to prevent coated metal roll smearing, and reducing roll wear
  • Easily washed from tube surfaces providing a clean surface for secondary coating
  • Stable in soft and hard water conditions


Callington Synform GTR is a synthetic, oil rejecting roll forming fluid. It is designed especially for use on galvanised, welded steel tube, as well as hot and cold rolled steel tube. It is uniquely formulated to allow use on multiple metals, without concerns of galvanic corrosion.

Callington Synform GTR provides excellent mill cleanliness and optimises mill lubrication without the problems of roll slippage.


Callington Synform GTR meets the requirements of the rolling galvanised mechanical tube, as well as hot and cold rolled steel tube.

It is recommended for use between 5% and 10% concentration in water.

Recommended dilutions

3% to 5% dilution required

Ordering Info

7181/64 200 litres
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