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Bio-Clean 360
Concentrate Aircraft Toilet Deodoriser
  • Detergent, deodorant and cleaner
  • For both re-circulating and vacuum toilet systems
  • Blue coloured, biodegradable liquid
  • Dilution Rates:
    • Bio-Clean 360 - (1:100)


Bio-Clean 360 is a highly concentrated toilet cleaning fluid, formulated to clean and deodorise aircraft lavatories. A unique combination of detergent, scale inhibitor and deodorising properties prevents foul odours and keeps aircraft toilets clean and fully operational.

Passengers and crew will notice improved performance from recirculating toilets while ground handlers will benefit from improved hygiene safety in disposing of waste that has been correctly treated before removal from vacuum waste tanks.

Directions for Use

Bio-Clean 360 is a highly concentrated product to be diluted at the rate of 1 litre of Bio-Clean 360 for 100 litres of water (maximum dilution). It can be used for either recirculating toilet systems or for vacuum toilet systems.


• AMS 1476B
• AMS 1476C
• BSS 7432 

Ordering Info

AR0000271 4 x 5L /ctn EU
AR0004550 1 x 20L EU
2318/42  4 x 5L /ctn  Outside of EU