Aircraft Inflight // Cabin Appearance

Fresh+Clean Cabin Aerosol Spray
Aerosol Deodoriser for Cabins
  • Eliminates odours and bad smells within the aircraft cabin
  • Convenient aerosol for ease of application
  • Non-flammable and aircraft approved
  • Fresh + Clean HFO available for EU region using alternative propellant (1234ze)


Fresh+Clean Cabin Aerosol Spray is an air freshner developed for use in confined spaces. Fresh+Clean Aerosol (HFO) is an non flammable aerosol proppelled with a gas according to the last strictly European regulation (F-Gas II n°517/2014) fluorinated greenhouse gases emission.

Ordering Info

FragranceHFC GasHFO Gas
Lemon Citrus 4895G/100 4892G/100
Citrus Herbal 4895C/100 4892C/100
Norwegian Spa 4895H/100 4892H/100
Bakhur 4895A/100 4892A/100
Bergamot & Neroli 4895B/100 4892B/100
Cotton Flower 4895D/100 4892D/100
Dreamline 4895E/100 4892E/100
Floral Ascent 4895F/100 4892F/100
Wild Ylang 4895I/100 4892I/100