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S-Weld Passivator Gel: Thickened Passivator Gel for Stainless Steel



Callington S-Weld Passivatorgelis a powerful oxidising gel for the passivation of stainless steel, duplex steel and Inconel alloys. S-Weld Passivator can be used following pickling, grinding or mechanical polishing of stainless steel to ensure a passive surface is obtained prior to installation or commissioning of the final product.



Directions For Use

Directions For Use

1. The surface should be pre-cleaned to remove oils and greases before applying the passivating agent. Use Callington S-Weld Brite Wash.  Any contamination will shorten the life of the passivating gel.

2. Stir the gel to ensure a smooth consistency and apply S-Weld Passivator using the acid-resistant brush provided.

3. Application Times - Refer to TDS for application times

4. Rinse thoroughly with clean potable water, dry surfaces to prevent water staining (smut).  If a neutralizing agent has been used this must be followed by rinsing again with clean potable water and surfaces should be dried to prevent water staining.






Physical Properties

Physical properties

Boiling Range:             N/A
Specific Gravity:          1.20

Water Solubility:          Miscible

pH (as supplied):         < 1.0

Appearance & Colour: Thick white translucent gel, mixes with water