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Multi-Purpose Lubricant with Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Penetrates metal to metal bonds
  • Contains no silicones or additives
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors that adhere to metal surfaces
  • Dissolves grease, dirt, and grime quickly


Multilube is a multi-purpose lubricant, penetrant which displaces moisture which leaves a corrosion inhibitor on the surface.

Directions for use

To start wet motors (cars, boats, engines, etc.) remove distributor cap, wipe with a rag if soiled, and then spray with Multilube. Replace cap and spray around distributor cap, spark plugs, coil, generator, starter motor, and leads. For seized bolts, nuts and joints spray on the surface and allow minutes to penetrate and if necessary, tap lightly. Repeat application if needed in severe cases.

Ordering Info

1485/400 400 grams  
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