Fuel and Engine Treatments // Truck & Bus

ROX® CARE Truck Wash
  • Biodegradable
  • Powerful cleaning leaving a streak free shine
  • Removes grease, grime, oil, and soot
  • High suds formula for an effective clean


ROX® Care Truck Wash is a mild alkaline and strong vehicle wash specifically formulated to remove dirt, soils, light greases/oil and road stains from trucks and other on and off-road vehicles. It has a complex blend of surfactants, sequestering agents, natural solvents, and corrosion inhibitor, which ensure a thorough clean effortlessly. It is safe for use on all metals.

Directions for Use

One bottle of ROX® Pro Radiator Flush can be used for coolant systems which take up to 10 Litres of coolant. For larger cooling systems, the use of two bottles of ROX® Radiator Flush is recommended.


• Generally used at a concentration of 5-10%
• Can be used neat as a degreaser
• When using a high-pressure cleaner, the dose rate is 10-20 g/litre of water
• If time permits sponge or brush surface. If not, allow to penetrate for as long as possible
• Hose or pressure rinse away all residual suds. It is most effective to rinse from the bottom up to the top and back down to the bottom again. This rinses soils from crevices
• If practical, chamois all paintwork for a great result

Ordering Info

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 8244/42  5L
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