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ROX® Care Mag Wheel Cleaner
  • Produces a gleaming shine for mag, alloy, and chrome wheels
  • Provides speedy removal of brake dust, grease, road grime, oil, and dirt
  • Spray-on, hose-off for a sparkling finish


ROX® Care Mag Wheel Cleaner is a safe to use heavy duty alloy wheel and brake dust cleaner which composed of a water based organic acid cleaner. It does not contain dangerous hydrofluoric acids and is very safe for the operator and is environmentally friendly.

Directions for Use

A ready to use formulation.
Use brush, mop, or spray to apply. Allow to dwell for 2 minutes.
Rinse with high pressure or brush while water rinsing.
Caked on brake dust, should be removed by agitating with a soft bristle brush prior to application and/or during application dwell time.

Ordering Info

 Item Code:  Size
 8247/28  750ml
 8247/42  5L